2021's programme will be announced later this year.

Here's 2020's line up for a taster of the amazing calibre of teachers who offer workshops at CDA

Friday 20th November

4 - 6pm

Soft Landing
with Hester Phillips

Discombobulated? Tired? Bringing a load with you? This workshop is for those whose arrival at Conscious Dance Aotearoa may be a little sticky or challenging for whatever reason. Those wanting some self nurture are also welcome to join this workshop.

We will begin by exploring resources to bring calm and then gently enquire as to what's going on. We'll luxuriate in the question of what we need and use our movement to gently attend to the answers. The workshop will conclude by turning to other members of the group as a resource to help us to more fully arrive.


We will leave knowing that wherever we find ourselves is the perfect resource for a meaningful journey through Conscious Dance Aotearoa.


Hester Phillips

Friday 20th November

4 - 6pm

Ko te Pu
with Kaia Hawkins

Learning karakia as our pathway into ourselves, and the seeds we have growing within us.

We gift ourselves the opportunity to embody a felt sense of the karakia, Te Pū, using your dance and your expression.

To also see what has been germinating within us that wants to reach for Tama Nui Te Rā.


Kaia Hawkins

Saturday 21st November

9:30am - 12:30pm

The Minded Body and the Embodied Mind
with Laya Hawthorne

An exploration of dance movement potential enlivened by direct experience of human architecture, lines of energy, the dynamics and equilibrium of energy shapes, the interplay of attention and intention , and the power of the mind’s eye.  Movement within and through time and space.     

Laya photo for Conscious Dance CDA.JPG

Laya Hawthorne


Saturday 21st November

9:30am - 12:30pm

Conscious Contact - Surrender
with Chloe Loftus

Contact Improvisation is a free form physical exploration of how two or more bodies in contact with each other can move together. This workshop explores a dance of connection, one that fine tunes your senses, awakens the healing and deepening qualities of curiosity, listening and blissful pleasure. The perfect antidote to this year of physical distancing! 

The focus on this session is Surrender - to the present moment, to the unique connection with yourself and others, to trust, let go and release. With influences of Thai massage, mindfulness, contemporary dance and group play, this workshop will not only develop your Contact Improvisation skills but encourages deeper awareness and joy through connections in your everyday life.


Participants of this workshop will be offered to take part in an informal structured improvisation sharing to the CDA community on Saturday evening. One of the highlights of last years gathering!

Chloe Loftus Dance (Credit- James Hudson

Chloe Loftus

Saturday 21st November

9:30am - 12:30pm

Embodied Relating - Intimace in Motion
with Sybille Feint

This workshop is an evolutionary combination of Open Floor Movement and Possibility Management. This approach that Sybille is offering is unique and radically transformational. Using the tools of Possibility Management, offering new thought-ware & feelings exploration, we build intimacy with healthy communication.


Explore the mystery of intimacy. 


Practise simple tools for holding your centre while being authentic with another in motion. 


Do you want to expand your communication & social skills?

Do you want to inspire a new understanding about your feelings?

Intimacy is an experience that can happen outside of sexual and romantic connection. 


Intimacy starts with connection with oneself and ones centre, without having an intimate connection with oneself, authentically connecting with another becomes a mask.

This workshop offers you a opportunity to lay down your mask and explore moving from a place of vulnerability. 


Sybille Feint

Saturday 21st November

3 - 5pm

Taku Rekereke, Taku Turangawaiwai
with Kaia Hawkins

Where I dig in my heals is where I make my stand - a Pahauwera whakatauki.

Finding a deeper sense of the whenua/land that you connect to.

The place that brings you power, that place where you can take your stand from. 

Forging the pathway to this place so you can access it when needed. 

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.

Be strong, be patient, be steadfast.


Kaia Hawkins


Saturday 21st November

3 - 5pm

Call and Response
with Anna Groves

Listen through movement. Express through movement. Communicate through the body.

This workshop combines needs based communication (NVC), self empathy practice and improvisation. The session will include individual, partner and whole group work and culminate in a group performance. 

Explores questions:

⁘ How can my body speak without words and express my hearts longing? 

⁘ How can I listen actively with movement?

⁘ How can I express the life in me honestly, so I am received by you? 

⁘ How can I receive the life in you fully?

Saturday 21st November


Contact Improvisation through the 5 Elements
with Andy Dolling & Jen Hyde

The world is full of relationships - just waiting to be nourished & enlivened!

In this playshop, we will explore the inherent qualities of the 5 elements translated through our dancing bodies.

-How do the elemental forces of Fire, Earth, Water, Air/Ether, and Metal/Stone manifest in our bodies? 

-How do the relational aspects of the elements give shape to our movements?

 We will play with the dynamic interconnection of these forces, both within our bodies & between our bodies. 

These explorations are suited to beginners and seasoned dancers alike. 

Saturday 21st November


Performance / Sharing
with Chloe Loftus & Anna Groves

Gather to witness an informal sharing of the collaborative performances created during today's workshops 'Conscious Contact'  (facilitated by Chloe Loftus) and 'Call and Response' (facilitated by Anna Groves ten Broeke).


Saturday 21st November

8 - 10:15pm

Saturday Night Sweat
with Hester Phillips

The entire gathering will come together to dance! We will return the the roots of Conscious Dance in this session. Hester has held free flow dance spaces for 15 years and will be in her element. Expect an evening of on point facilitation and music that you must dance too.


Hester Phillips

Sunday 22nd November

9:30am - 12:30pm

The Compass of the Soul
with Jan Jeans

An open floor dance workshop 

When we feel lost in life we need to orientate our inner compass

Back to our true north, where Spirit and our  higher power sit. 

this workshop will play with aligning yourself towards

This personal power of the Soul and finding your way back to

Where you are meant to be. If you orient your compass back to true north, 

Even on the darkest night you will never be lost.


Jan Jeans

Sunday 22nd November

9:30 - 12:30pm

Potency and Flow
Rata Gordon

This workshop will take us into our internal landscapes, to explore the relationships between life force, sensuality, and creativity.  

We will use movement practices to drop into body-based awareness and access our own sense of potency and flow, and then we will continue this process of discovery through writing.

Exploring moving and writing together can enable us to experience an expanded sense of ourselves, and can be enjoyed whether you consider yourself a writer or not.

rata-03-high_lower res.jpg

Rata Gordon


Sunday 22nd November

9:30am - 12:30pm

Movement Meditation
with Bex Deva

From​ ​stillness​ ​to​ ​movement ​explore​ your body with meditation and the awareness of gentle inquiry. You are invited on a journey to explore the space within and without- with yourself and with another.

The miraculous interaction of mind and body moving through the energy centres and the space, touching, feeling, connecting accompanied by the sound of Crystal​ ​Bowls. 

Bex- Profile.png

Bex Deva

Sunday 22nd November

3 - 5pm

Butoh Dance: Being Moved
with Damara Sylvester

The dance expression that is Butoh was born in Japan at a time when there was a deep need to move with and through the real and the raw as a country recovering from trauma.

In this workshop, the Butoh practice opens us up to sensing truthfully and deeply into the liminal space, the space beyond words, logic and conformity. We are giving our bodies permission to move without censorship, and beyond habit into the liberated space of "ma" or "no mind."


Damara Sylvester

Sunday 22nd November

3 - 5pm

with Caybin Sturgess

Pause. Breathe. And Be.


This 2 hour Sound Journey serves as the perfect mid dance festival break. To simply pause, breathe and be bathed in sound vibrations. Allowing for that deep relaxation and rejuvenation to continue moving at your fullest. Working with the subtle and soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, and the breath. With the intention for you to explore the subtle dance of sound healing as you lay back and breathe.


Caybin Sturgess


Sunday 22nd November

3 - 5pm

Enter Being
with Sybille Feint

The intention of this workshop is for participants to foster and develop genuine self-compassion through Open Floor dance - a delicious combination of conscious movement, mindfulness and exploration! This is an opportunity to take responsibility, and to take a step up, and into life!


- Discover what stops you from fully accepting yourself, right here, right now.

- Loosen your grip. Let go of ideas of how to move, how to be. 

- Notice yourself. What is it to be a Human ‘being’... really?


Rhythm and dance is in our nature - it is shared by just about every culture. An Embodied Freedom experience is like a modern remix of tribal traditions of community, growth, celebration and gratitude! Physical embodiment creates emotional intelligence, and we develop emotional intelligence by being at home in our bodies.


Sybille Feint

Sunday 22nd November


Live Music Jam

A Sunday evening jam with members of Rabbit Hole and Friends and us on the dance floor.


This will be a very special opportunity for some of NZ's most popular upcoming musicians to share their sounds with the CDA community and

for us to share our Conscious Dance styles with well loved musicians.

Rabbit Hole_2.jpg

Rabbit Hole

Monday 23rd November

9:30-12:00 pm

The Alpha, Omega and Alpha...Again
with Laya Schaetzel-Hawthorne

I am the being and We are the force field. Spinning inward and then outward. Centrifugal and centripetal as we home our dance and life’s stories together. 

Laya photo for Conscious Dance CDA.JPG

Laya Schaetzel-Hawthorne

Sessions throughout the weekend

Rest and Integration Sessions

Awaken the Body. A gentle way to wake up. These sessions will welcome you to your body and breath, providing a grounding yet energising foundation to receive the day's sessions at CDA


Rest and Integrate.  An opportunity to rest and integrate in the afternoons.


It is said that a 30 minutes of deep relaxation is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep.  In these sessions you will be led on a guided relaxation and meditation practice where body and mind are allowed to rest and integrate.  Jeanette will led a deep relaxation that will release conscious and sub-conscious patterns of held tension.  Great for tired bodies and minds. Lie down, and rest consciously and deeply. Expect Jeanette to incorporate crystal bowls and instruments in this restful experience.

Jeanette Yoga.jpg

Jeanette Ida