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Moving our relationship with the Inner and outer "Other"

As we become curious about potentially disowned or alienated parts within and open to explore our relationship with these parts we may increase our capacity to be with Others in potentially new ways. The invitation here is to listen to our bodies sensitivity to familiar and strange energies, within and without, observe our responses and bring awareness to the stories we may create and the impact they have in our relationships in daily life. We practise resources to fine tune our senses and make more wholesome choices. 


I am excited planning this unique workshop for CDA, weaving Open Floor/Therapy in Motion and IFS principles, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and attachment theory as an embodied practice for us to creatively and playfully rewire our nervous system toward meeting ourselves and others with renewed presence. 

You can select this workshop as your preference when you close this window and return to the festival line-up page

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