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Come and be a part of the CDA magic!

If you're a Conscious Dance facilitator and would love to share your practice at CDA 2022, now is the time to apply!

Applications are open to all Conscious Dance methodologies and themes.


This year we also have a GREEN STREAM running through the festival.

"How can we use our embodiment practices to deepen & expand our capacity to sense/know ourselves as inseparable from nature, self, others? How can we use our conscious dance practices to explore a sense of inter-being – a somatic sensing of the entangled, enmeshed, interrelatedness of all living systems & us as dancers within it?" 

All your unique approaches and interpretations are welcomed. This will culminate in a collective evening hui. The Green Stream was proposed by Geordie Jahner, Rosie Walford and Jacqui Chan:


Please note we welcome ALL workshop facilitator proposals, whether environmentally focused or not. 

To apply just send an email with your brief biography and a paragraph on your workshop proposal, stating whether it's suited to a 2 or a 3 hour long session, to

Workshop proposal extended deadline is  FRIDAY 1st JULY 2022.


You can apply with more than one workshop proposal. Selections are made by our selection panel. This is always a challenging process as we receive many high quality applications than we do spots available. We thank each and every one of your for the time and effort put into these applications.


In exchange for teaching at CDA we offer free access to all the weekend's workshops, full board delicious vegan catering and shared accommodation / camping at the beautiful Riverside Community.


We can't wait to read your proposals and share the riches of Aotearoa's finest Conscious Dance practices with you at Conscious Dance Aotearoa 2022.



Chloe & Hester

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