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Dance is my personal practice, my way of being in the world. I dance to live, and I love to share dance, especially now that I am in the SILVER phase of my life. As an Open Floor Dance teacher, I lead weekly face to face movement meditation classes and a senior’s contemporary creative class, plus monthly InSpirited Aging or Seasonal Community Dances. Online I lead occasional Art in Motion/Inspirited Aging sessions with Open Floor International and ICMTA (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association).

I am not old, she said, I am rare.

"I am not old, she said, I am rare." 

- Samantha Reynolds


an InSpirited Aging/Artist in Motion session where we will move, write, create, converse and then

move again. Does the ‘vector’ of aging need to prescribe us? How is our soul alive

and dancing with us? Come as you are and move as you be, all welcome. Gentle guidance, inviting music.

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