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As I'm drawn more and more into the world of Mindful Somatic Therapy, the tools I bring from my history in movement & bodywork are being seen with new eyes as resources to support healing & regulation.


With a background in Contemporary Dance where choreography and performance were highlighted, I soon became deeply engaged in more process-based approaches like Somatic Movement practices, Contact Improvisation, Butoh and Body Weather.


Today, facilitation is my creative practice- I offer Conscious Dance, Somatics, & Contact Improvisation to the gorgeous community down in Otepoti Dunedin.

From Intimacy to Play

'Neuroception' is what our nervous systems do moment-by-moment to sense into spaces, environments & other human beings to evaluate & respond to safety or threat. Our nervous systems support us by affecting our biological and social responses.


In this session, I invite us to explore our neuroceptive capacities together - how our sense of safety, social connection, self-connection, and activation are affected by movement, posture, proximity and interaction - with the aim to cultivate an embodied experience of both Intimacy & Play.


There will be time for verbal sharing, brainstorming, as well as loads of time to drop into sensuous feeling, moving, connection & play.

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