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Ellie is a nervous system coach and somatic therapist who spent the last 20 years exploring Neo-tantric traditions and Conscious Sexuality. Her passion for human connection weaves through all that she shares. Ellie was co-founder of the Eden Festival and taught with ISTA (The International School Of Temple Arts) for 11 years. She is a trained Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Coach, and now after the last 3 years of exploring Post-Traumatic Growth  has retired from the ISTAverse. However her passion for intimacy, emotional intelligence and human connection remains as she navigates her re-emergence and offers trauma-informed spaces for people to explore intimacy, sexuality and relating.

Alchemical Intimacy 


A relational laboratory where you get to explore the alchemical process of connecting with yourself and then with others.


Alchemy is the process of transformation of turning one thing into another. When we meet with another there is potential. Within this potential is the power to  create?\

In the intimacy of the moment will the sum of us coming together equal something different? 

Through somatic inquiry and movement practices we get to slow down and get in touch perhaps with our diversity and our uniqueness. Can we find similarity , humanity, something of us that is the same underneath? 

(In this workshop we'll practice creating a somatic sense of safety, and find resources that support a deeper connection to Self. We'll navigate the dance of finding the right distance to one another, and explore an embodied relational awareness practice (which offers us data that we can share with one another about what it's like to be in one another's presence. We take away the thoughts and the minds preference for labelling emotions and are just with movement impulses, sensations, and our senses. We get a chance to really be  with each other and then slow down enough to feel the entirety of our peripheral boundary, maybe even noticing where there is need for repair. We'll swim back up to the surface to share what we discovered, particularly maybe in relation to the festival's theme of Unity and diversity.

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Why don't we ask for what we want? and what do we do instead?

A chance to explore consensual touch. Discover perhaps that it's not so much about the doing, and maybe more about the choosing. In this workshop we'll get to hang out in the choosing phase a bit longer and discover what emerges when we slow things down a touch.

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