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Jooske Honig born in the Netherlands, living in Otepoti (Dunedin NZ), passionately curious about the emotional body mind connection and creating consciousness around our somatic responses. Her journey has taken Jooske from meditation and intuitive creative development into the body and back to the mind and body connection… She has her own practice @ in-spiral - see link below.


Where she sees 1:1 clients in mindful somatic energy work, holistic massage treatments and couple sounseling. She facilitates attunement therapy groups and tuition on intuitive attunement to self.


She is an intuitive energy reader, a holistic drawing therapist and trauma informed mindful somatic body worker.


She is known for holding beautiful spaces where from she offers and creates guidance and insight. Supporting her vision to aid in bringing consciousness, emotional intelligence and awareness to the core of our life. Nature is her go to for inspiration, mindful pauses, self connection and soul nourishment. Sharing these with her family of 3 teenage boys and her supportive partner.

Attuned to Self

An invitation to land in one’s self….

Jooske will guide you on an interoceptive journey through the 4 bodies. Spiritual…. Mental…. Emotional…. Physical…. Where we create and re- connect to our own energetic space. 

Through deep mindful states of being we give space to each of these bodies to move….  By our ability to See hear smell touch what is alive in these layers… and how this is meeting the world around us…

Finding a settledness in being within whilst being in presence of others 

Creating Union through being present with the uniqueness of your presence.

Receiving yourself in loving presence…

Through inner world dialogue and outer world reflections becoming aware of these subtle layers influencing your e-motion.

Moving from stillness into deeply attuned listening to your essential self.

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Conscious Contact

In this workshop, we will tune-in to a deeper level of consciousness exploring the  nuances possible within interoceptive and proprioceptive feedback in contact improvisation.

Feel invited to explore your inner dialogue, explore your needs, and allow yourself to open to conscious new directions. 

Fostering inspiration, curiosity and self responsibility whilst exploring the deeper vulnerability, comfortability and possibility within your shared partner/ group dance. 

We aim to listen to the subtleties in between, support creative movement solutions & strengthen your ability to attune and express your authentic Yes and No.


Moving with choice, conscious contact aims to strengthen your confidence in exploring this partner/group dynamic. 

We will be drawing on the modalities of Contact Improvisation, Mindfulness, Breath, Body Awareness, Energy work & Somatic Practices.


Expect a conscious practice to support you in, finding your own diverse movement language, to express and listen to tactile boundaries, we attune to our own bodily cues and explore cues of others. 

Reflection, introspection and sharing of experiences is part of this workshop. 

Time to pause, land, harvest and integrate.

Conscious contact envisions to be a supportive clear and held space with a mild therapeutic touch.  This is an invitation to gently explore your edge.


Themes that we will aim to weave in and create space for in this workshop;

Fears alive around contact, non verbal/ tactile consent, attuned movement language to communicate boundaries, cues/ non verbal cues, consent, trust, clarity and quality of touch.

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