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Jooske Honig is a passionate Acroyogi who started her Acro journey in 2011 in Te Anau NZ.  Taught by International Acroyoga instructors Jason and Chelsey Magness, co-founders of Yoga Slackers,  Jooske ‘s love was awakened. Since then she has attended further training with them as well as other Acro teachers in Aotearoa, the US and in her native country of the Netherlands. In the US she attended Acroversity and Divine Play (2017) and recently travelled in combination with visiting family to the Dutch Acrobatic Convention 2018.

Her teaching is a combination of different practices and styles of movement that Jooske has worked with over the years. Jooske has been part of creating and performing at events such as 2017 Fragments of a Dream, 2018 Dunedin Fringe Festival The Hands That Bind Us, 2018 The Mullet Festival, 2019 Strork/DANZ at the Dunedin Fringe Festival. Jooske runs a therapeutic clinic from home, In-Spiral, and is part of the Embodiment Collective - a holistic collective where she offers massage and energy work to support people reconnecting with their body, mind and spirit.

Attuned to Self

An invitation to land in one’s self….

Jooske will guide you on an interoceptive journey through the 4 bodies. Spiritual…. Mental…. Emotional…. Physical…. Where we create and re- connect to our own energetic space. 

Through deep mindful states of being we give space to each of these bodies to move….  By our ability to See hear smell touch what is alive in these layers… and how this is meeting the world around us…

Finding a settledness in being within whilst being in presence of others 

Creating Union through being present with the uniqueness of your presence.

Receiving yourself in loving presence…

Through inner world dialogue and outer world reflections becoming aware of these subtle layers influencing your e-motion.

Moving from stillness into deeply attuned listening to your essential self.

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