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Tia is a trained Somatic Dance teacher (level2) an avid 5 rhythms dancer, a lover of movement and a passionate advocate for embodiment.

She is an alchemist who weaves energy and bodies with potent soundscapes, bringing the dancer deeply into their bodies to awaken, dismantle and integrate many facets and threads of self.

She has worked for many years with nature and its cycles for health and wellness...and now she brings awareness to OUR BODIES as the most potent tool for healing and transformation.

Tia's dance classes are a transformational journey, taking you to the depths of your body/soma and into a place where powerful medicine is stored for your own re-calibration, balance and becoming.

Belonging....lone wolf or pack mate

This somatic dance journey will take you into your body mapping the inner terrain to find your place of belonging, moving with your authentic natural self, using your resources to hunt out your place within the larger pack and your place of belonging in the outer world - exploring through your animalistic self how do you remain diverse AND come into unity

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