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"Alchemy is happening in every moment, in every decision, we simply have to awaken to it and embodiment is the gateway."


Jade is passionate about unearthing the mysteries of the human experience and the intricate dance of living as Souls in a human body. Her work as a Holistic Therapist, current training to become an Open Floor Teacher and devotion to cultivating a relationship with the sacred has woven together an artful approach to embodied facilitation. One that cultivates a safe, trauma informed space for self-exploration.

BLISS MOLECULE: Cacao Infused Evening of Dance

Science has recently revealed 6 biochemical compounds in Cacao that have the ability to nurture our movement practice in ways you can only begin to imagine!


With potent levels of ethanolamides (NAEs) for feelings of intense bliss, polyphenols for mental clarity, tryptophan for sensations of joy and happiness, tryptamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) for feelings of intense satisfaction, embodiment and spiritual awakening - cacao makes an amazing companion for any dance!


In this evening gathering we will sit and sip cacao, awaken insights into the therapeutic properties of this ancient plant medicine before immersing ourselves in a soundscape that offers freedom of movement and expression. Your gateway to bliss!!  

You don't have to drink cacao to be a part of this experience, you are welcome to come along with your own beverage of choice and enjoy the ceremony. We will have approximately 1 hour together in ceremony followed by 90 minutes of ecstatic dance (the dance is optional, you might like to slip out and have a restful evening). All are welcome!

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