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"I believe that through movement, we remember that our bodies are not just vessels; they are storytellers. In every dance, we navigate the spaces between joy and sorrow, forging a profound connection with ourselves and others. Movement becomes a sacred language, a healing balm that allows us to deepen our relational capacity and rewrite the narratives of our own healing."


Jade's work and her passion is helping people develop resilience and a greater capacity for meeting themselves, just as they are, so that they can respond to life and its challenges with a sense of agency and creativity.


Conscious dance and Open Floor Movement Therapy play a pivotal role in this directive.

Jade is an Open Floor Teacher, Embodiment Mentor, and Holistic Therapist, specializing in nervous system health and somatic, trauma-sensitive healing. You can learn more about her via the link below.

Pure Practice

Show up just as you are, move with whatever is present. This is a safe container with no teaching, only gentle whispers for your inspiration. A space purely for your personal practice. You might use this time to rest and digest, move to a dynamic soundscape or explore through creative drawing or writing.

You are invited to come along and get a sense of the space, after 15 minutes there will be a brief welcome followed by 90 minutes of free form exploration. To cultivate a sense of safety and containment, after 15 minutes you are invited to choose whether you stay or go, the doors will then be closed until the completion of our practice.

The benefits of this space are many, however I would like to name straight up that during a weekend of lots of self enquiry, having a place to move without added input can be wholesome and integrative.  

You can select this workshop as your preference when you close this window and return to the festival line-up page

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