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Jan Jeans is an Open Floor Dance Teacher and registered Arts Therapist who believes in the power of the creative arts to enrich our lives and feed our souls.

She offers creative dance and art classes and has a private therapeutic practice based in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

Acceptance of The Other

What makes us different from others and what do we have in common?

So often difference is viewed as a threat. Our diversity can lead to conflict. Yet embracing our differences can lead to compassion for the other, and acceptance for the parts of ourselves we struggle to own.


Let’s be curious about what we notice in our bodies when next to something different, unknown or unexperienced.


Using dance and art we will explore the growing edge of difference which can be a catalyst for creativity. We will explore the pressure to conform, the desire to be different, the need to feel safe and notice what occurs in our bodies while in the presence of the unknown or the unexpected.


Can we use our differences to open up our horizons and dance into the creative space to see what magic might arise?

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