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CREATE YOUR FESTIVAL with 4 dance floors running every morning & afternoon. Choose your favourite workshops from an incredible selection.

Between dance sessions is yoga & guided relaxation and at night we gather for ecstatic dance & ceremony, or, you can kick back and relax in the Chill Tent. 


This year we have a stream of workshops running through the festival that explores 'how can we use our embodiment practices to deepen & expand our sense of fulfilment in relationship with others?' The workshops some teachers created in response to this prompt are highlighted with a rainbow banner.

MEAL TIMES are the same every day:

Breakfast (optional) - 7:30-9:30am

Lunch (community lunch included in ticket) 12:30-2pm

Dinner (optional) - 5:30-7pm


Browse through the selection of workshops on offer and choose one for each session. When you're ready, go ahead and save your festival line-up:



Day 1 - arriving

3-6pm - WELCOME

Welcoming and Festival Opening

Pause, breathe and arrive with us! Details to be confirmed. 


Day 2 

7-7:45am - Morning Yoga with Bex

Gentle Morning Wake Up (optional)

9:30-12:30 - SESSION ONE

Your preferece for session one:


Gentle Yoga Practice with Jeanette Ida


Your preferece for session two:

7:30pm- EVENING ENTERTAINMENT (2-3 hours)


with Jade Ferriere

Science has recently revealed 6 biochemical compounds in Cacao that have the ability to nurture our movement practice in ways you can only begin to imagine! With potent levels of ethanolamides (NAEs) for feelings of intense bliss, polyphenols for mental clarity, tryptophan for sensations of joy and happiness, tryptamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) for feelings of intense satisfaction, embodiment and spiritual awakening - cacao makes an amazing companion for any dance!


In this evening gathering we will sit and sip cacao, awaken insights into the therapeutic properties of this plant medicine before immersing ourselves in a soundscape that offers freedom of movement and expression. Your gateway to bliss!!  


Day 3

7-7:45am - Gentle wake up and stretch with Bex

Gentle Morning Wake Up (optional)

9:30-12:30 - SESSION THREE

Your preferece for session three:


Restful Yoga Nidra with Kate Fulton


Your preferece for session four:

7:30pm - EVENING ENTERTAINMENT (2-3 hours)


with Jo Woods

Join Jo Woods - Open Floor movement teacher, queer activist, and gender fluid humxn for a night of gender bending and playful RELEASE. Together we will step towards gender as we know it, and play with the edges of the the archetypes that potentially bind us. Utilising props and dress-ups (BYO) we will dance & play with the many different aspects of gender waiting to be explored within you!


Day 4

7-7:45am - Yoga with Bex

Gentle Morning Wake Up (optional)

9:30-12:30 - SESSION FIVE

Your preferece for session five:


Gentle Yoga with Jeanette Ida


Your preferece for session six:

7:30pm - EVENING ENTERTAINMENT (2-3 hours)


This is a space to integrate, process, rest and digest. An candlelit evening to symbolise the individual light of awareness and the collective light of our group body. You can expect a gentle time of inward reflection and energy restoration with seated ceremony & sounding.



Being a Conscious Dance Facilitator in Aotearoa/NZ

Spend an evening with three diverse conscious dance teachers who answer your questions and discuss their journey and experiences of  being a Conscious Dance teacher in Aotearoa/NZ. Bring questions you may have!

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Day 5 



In our closing session, we will dance and move together as a whole community and harvest the gems that have emerged for each of us during the festival. This session is designed to help us integrate our experiences, insights, visions and dreams for possible next steps.  It will also be a time to celebrate and lean into the support of new and renewed collegial relationships as we prepare to re-enter the world, empowering each other to hold fast to our visions, hopes and dreams, and bring a sense of grounded closure to our time together.

Finished Your Workshop Selections?

Double check you have entered a preference for all of the sessions and when your ready click 'curate my festival'.


Our team will use this information to help us work out the best venue for each workshop. If you want a copy of your selections, flick us a quick email and we will get the details to you ASAP.

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